522: Final Reflection

This course came with so many great resources! I thoroughly enjoyed every module. For me, I thought it was really helpful to use Camtasia to create a tutorial on Bloglovin’. Each time I get to use Camtasia I learn so much. It’s such a great tool. I know that just having this brief experience using it made me realize what an important resource it could be for designing tutorials to use in the online classroom. I got to research a lot about Twitter in the “web tools” module. Twitter is a microblogging platform that I really didn’t have much exposure to before this semester. I learned so much from this research and I know I will use it in my future classroom. I allows for a strong connection between teacher and student, which I think is vital to an effective classroom experience.

The best part about this class was definitely creating a Moodle lesson. I felt that this was so valuable. Getting an opportunity to explore an LMS made me feel more confident in being an online teacher in the future. The exposure to the management and creation side of the class is essential. I believe that everyone has the ability to be an effective online teacher, but being able to use the available resources is crucial. Not knowing how to set up a classroom in an organized way can really hinder the students’ learning abilities. I know, for me,  it was more challenging that I thought it would be. There are a lot of ways to design an online classroom, but making it so that the resources and objectives are clear is so important. I know that in the future, with whatever LMS I am using, I will start organizing and setting it up as early as I can. There are always things that can be changed to make it a little more clear for each learner. Creating the Moodle lesson was a huge learning opportunity for me. It allowed me to feel confident that I could take this information and be successful in any type of learning environment I find myself in.