Resources for Success (entry 2)

I feel like I have learned a ton of resources in my 2 semesters in the M.E.T. program. I figured I would blog about them, not only for others, but for me to have a reference for the future.

Do you have a Flowchart? : This site is awesome. It allows users to create flow charts for free. It can be as simple or as intricate as you make it. I used it to create a chart for EdTech 503 this semester. I can definitely see using this in the future!






Rubistar: Great resource for creating rubrics! They have predesigned rubrics you can use, or you can customize your own. You can create a user account so that you can save your rubrics as well. Great feature!



Purdue - 0027



Purdue OWL: Very popular resource for learning how to cite every type of reference in APA and MLA formatting. Of course, referencing the official manuals is always the sure bet, but this is a great resource. Almost all of the examples and instructions are correctly done.






Bloglovin’: Great blog reader. Works great on the computer and on the iPhone. There are so many learning logs and other blogs we’re following, that this is extremely helpful. I can keep all of the blogs in one place and know when they’re updated.




Prezi Logo


Prezi: This is an awesome, free presentation software. There is also an app for this. I find it better than PowerPoint. Its more compatible and allows the user to be more creative. Again, these can be simple or intricate depending on the project.