Poll: ObamaCare

I normally do not post exceptionally heated posts, but I recently got a new job and ObamaCare has been brought up a lot. So many people are in favor of it, and so many people are not. I have my own opinions and I realize that everyone has a different view. I’m hearing such a diverse reaction to the healthcare reform in my daily life, that I’m curious what everyone else around the world thinks. I have seen its direct impact on healthcare in education, the workplace, and with those who are unemployed. Sometimes we form our own opinions or just hear what the news anchors have to say, we don’t actually get to see what our peers are thinking. I welcome all viewpoints and am simply posting this poll out of curiosity!



5 thoughts on “Poll: ObamaCare

  1. Thanks, Guys! Yes, I love a little debate 🙂 I was hoping someone would say something so that we could have a great discussion, but I realize its a heated topic.

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