Military Spending Cuts [Guest Post]

Did you know that this is the first year since the Korean War that the Navy Blue Angels will not be participating in air shows around America due to spending cuts? It’s estimated to save them 20 to 25 million dollars. THAT’S 4 TIMES LESS THAN THE COST OF OBAMA’S LAST TRIP TO AFRICA!!!!! Yes, his recent trip cost 100 million dollars!! How does this even make sense? Did you know that they had to send a special crew to the hotel that the president and his family was going to be staying at and replace EVERY SINGLE window on his floor with bullet proof glass?? This is outrageous! And where did the money come from? Oh ya, from us the tax payers! Now everyone knows that the president needs security, and no one is questioning this, but what is the leader of this country doing taking such lavish trips while thousands of government employees are being furloughed??? I personally think it feels like a smack in the face. It’s as if the American Dream of working hard to play hard only exists for people who believe they’re above everyone else. Forget the farmers, the teachers, the entrepreneurs, the small business owners, the military members, and others who find themselves working long hours and living pay check to pay check because insurance prices keep rising and the cost of living isn’t going down. Lets not even talk about the fact that I’m required to buy health insurance; that’s another story! Wouldn’t it be nice for military members to see a raise in the near future? Don’t they and their family deserve all the benefits they can get for making so many sacrifices and risking their lives for American citizens?

Thank you for letting me rant.

Julio Fredrick is a close friend of mine who wanted a chance to rant. He wanted to voice his opinion of something that is dear to his heart. I said, come on over! I have just the place 🙂 I am proud to have him post a guest entry on my blog. I  think I need to get a personal blog sooner than later though. I can feel a lot of blogging topics coming my way that aren’t related to this learning log.


8 thoughts on “Military Spending Cuts [Guest Post]

  1. Julio, as the grandson of a Newfoundland World War II veteran, I couldn’t agree with you more. There are certain things that evoke a sense of national pride and also provide an avenue for children and citizens to become interested in the history and successes of our fighting men and women. For the little funding that is required for this service, I have always felt that it is money well spent!

  2. I agree that the spending of the American government is not always prioritized the way it should be. Fortunately, as American citizens we should continue to be proud that 1) we can have this conversation and not be afraid of prison or death (free speech) 2) we can be involved in government and voice our opinion via our vote on who should run our country 3) we can pursue whatever occupation we want as it pertains to our talents and skills (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness).

    • I agree with the above comment. No one would want to change more government spending than I would, especially when it comes to educational spending. I’m just glad we have the right to be angry around it. I have a sticker in my classroom that says “Vote or shut up,” and I like it. I’m almost more surprised with how many people don’t even vote in our country. That’s a statistic that actually really saddens me.

  3. Emily, you are right. There are many topics that can easily form when learning to blog. When you start your personal blog, let me know. I’d love to RSS you!
    The topic is very sad to me as I’m getting to know more and more service people and veterans. They give so much and so do the people they love and are committed to. Thanks for posting this.
    Jaime Piatt

  4. I agree that it is usually best to separate personal and professional blogs unless the two topics naturally intersect. In some ways it helps you form different audiences. I have two blogs actually: one professional about the intersection of libraries and technology; and a second personal blog. The tone and interactions are very different and I would recommend that for you as well.

  5. They’re cutting the Blue Angels?! How horrible. As a Marine Corps veteran I am appalled that they woud cut such a great thing. I love going to their performances and feeling proud that I was a part of something this great.

    I checked online, at their websites, and the Airforce’s Thunderbirds have been cut also.

    These squadrons of brightly colored special formation jets are one of the best propoganda and recruitment tools the armed forces have.

    Air shows won’t be the same this year. I wonder of some will just be cancelled.

  6. Thanks for all the comments, Guys! I’m not going to respond to each one individually, but I appreciate all the different perspectives 🙂 Being a vet myself, I think it is a shame that more things are being taken away from the military, especially events that boost morale. Yes, its great that we have the freedom to speak freely, but is that what military members are really “fighting” for anymore? Should we be content to appreciate the freedoms that we have and not be upset when they start taking things away? I don’t think so. It is definitely a changing America out there. Some for the good, some for the bad.

  7. Emily, thank you for sharing this post. Sorry, I’m a little later than others reading this. It was nice to take a break from our usual EdTech posts to read about this. I agree with you that a professional and personal blog is a good idea. I always worry about offending people, but I am also a strong proponent of a good argument based on facts. I also agree with the post, and I wish more could be done about frivolous Government spending!

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