Online Learning Tools Reflection

This week was definitely one of the most informative weeks for me. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the the online learning tools available. I thought this was so helpful to have bits of information from everyone right in front of us. It can get overwhelming with the amount of tools available for us to use. This was great because we could read what our peers researched or had experience with and then read the feed back from everyone. This was much faster than researching all these tools in our “spare time.”

One of the best resources I learned about was Twitter. I chose to research this online learning tool and was amazed at all the possibilities with using Twitter in the classroom. See my Twitter post for more info. Another great resource I learned about was Prezi. I had heard about it, but had never gotten the chance to see a Prezi presentation or learn information about it. I thought this was a great alternative to PowerPoint, being that it was creative and readily available online for people to view. It was great to read people’s feedback about how they found Prezi to be a little challenging at first. This gives me a good idea of what to expect the first time I use it.

Another online learning tool that I learned about from another class that I’m taking concurrently is called Gliffy. It is a great and free online diagram and mapping software. I created a flow chart for an Instructional Design project I am working on in EdTEch 503. Check it out!

Online teaching and learning tools are abundant. They are constantly evolving and it is impossible to keep up with every type of resource. In Ko and Rossen’s Teaching Online: A Practical Guide, they discuss common online tools used in building a successful classroom. Some of these include discussion boards, email, IM and SMS, Chat, Whiteboard, and Quizmakers. This book is very straightforward and gives good insight into available resources to upgrade students’ online learning experiences.