ID Job Posting

Here is the link to a PDF file of my Instructional Design job posting and reflection assignment. It is also posted below.


Looking for a full time Instructional Designer for a great company! Design Solutions is a privately owned company looking for a fresh designer to bring new knowledge to the table. We are a reputable company designing and developing for all of  the western United States.

The candidate will:

  • Conduct training with current clients on new processes
  • Analyze results and trends with SME’s to improve processes
  • Work well with other team members
  • Develop new material for better production
  • Design new methods for delivering information on a case-by-case basis

Required skills include:

  • Proficient knowledge of the ADDIE model
  • Training or certificates in cognitive and behavioral psychology
  •  Bachelor’s degree in Instructional Design
  • Ability to multitask and consistently meet deadlines
  • Must have at least 2 years of experience
  • Must be able to provide portfolio of written documents and designs

Salary – DOE. Base salary: $55,000

To apply, please go to our website and fill out an application. Email a resume and cover letter to the address listed on the job posting.


Teachers are expected to actually teach the content. They are required to deliver material to students and provide feedback in the form of a grade. They are required to create lesson plans and know how to effectively deliver content. They are expected to teach information so as to ultimately help students achieve a specific goal or produce a final product. However, unlike instructional designers, they are not expected to create the content or design the curriculum.

Instructional designers are expected to find efficient ways for educators to deliver content. They are expected to analyze and interpret results and decide which changes to make to a specific design so that information can be learned more seamlessly and effectively.  They are expected to know the correct vehicle for their design to be delivered. It is also important for them to know and understand the processes or cognitive and behavioral psychology. It goes hand-in-hand with productive development of instructional design.

There are many differences between a teacher and an instructional designer. The first difference is their role and expectation of both. Teachers are expected to deliver content to get the learner to an end goal while instructional designers are expected to design the process for that teacher to effectively deliver the content for reaching that goal. Another difference is their daily work requirements. Teachers are mostly working alone to deliver information to their students while instructional designers are expected to work with a team and subject matter experts to brainstorm and improve processes for the educators to use. The last main difference is their field of expertise. Teachers are taught how to deliver content. They are also taught situational awareness for determining how their students are doing and ways they could improve their delivery for better outcomes. Instructional designers are taught how to work with results, trends, and SME’s to continually design, develop, and improve processes for educators to deliver information.