Additional Artifact #1

For my first additional artifact, I chose to create two examples of audio/visual presentations my students could use for their Hunger Games WebQuest assignment.

In EdTech 502, we had to create a WebQuest. You can view my complete WebQuest here. The idea of a WebQuest to enhance learning was created by Bernie Dodge and Tom March at San Diego State University in 1995. It was created to allow for teachers to create complex instructional tasks to create higher-order thinking. There are many types of WebQuests that have been designed throughout the years. This WebQuest was created in line with Bloom’s Taxonomy. Click here for more information. To summarize, this taxonomy involves six identified levels of instructional objectives to effectively complete an assignment.

The basic description of the assignment I created was to have my class of high school students write a compare and contrast essay. The were given the book The Hunger Games and it was partially read and discussed in class. They were required to finish the book and complete the WebQuest. They needed to compare and contrast a fiction theme, event, or idea in the novel with a nonfictional historical event that has occurred in our world. They navigated through the WebQuest from step-to-step to effectively complete this assignment. They needed to research historical events using their current History book and other sources offered to them, decide on a topic to compare and contrast with the novel, write their essay in MLA format, get two students to peer-review their article, self-evaluate their work with the rubric given, and create an audio visual presentation to present to the class using PowerPoint or xtranormal.

For EdTech 502, I did not have to actually create an audio visual example as part of my WebQuest assignment. I decided it would be beneficial for my students to have an example, though. This is why I have used PowerPoint and xtranormal to create examples of effective 2-5 minute multimedia presentations for my students as my additional artifact #1.

Because I used AuthorStream to embed by PowerPoint presentation, the speaker notes did not transfer. Here they are:

Slide #3: “This video shows how North Korea’s government controls their people by inflicting starvation and poverty on their own people.”

Slide #4: “This video shows how Panem has kept their citizens in District 12 in poverty and hunger. This situation is exposed more in the book, but this clip of The Reaping ceremony shows how drab and dirty District 12 is. The movie does a good job showing how the Capitol representatives are wealthy and nourished compared to the citizens of District 12 by portraying their clothing and personalities as bright and cheery.”

Or you may use xtramornal:

This assignment utilizes AECT standards 1.1 “Instructional Systems Design,” 2.2 “Audiovisual Technologies,” and 3.1 “Media Utilization.” Integrating technology in the classroom is an essential part of being an effective educator in today’s world. Writing an essay is still necessary and a substantial way to get students to show their understanding of knowledge of a particular subject. However, having the learner also create a multimedia presentation that coincides with their essay topic is crucial. It allows for extra cognitive stimulation as well as reinforcing the topic learned.