Digital Inequality

The Digital Divide is a serious and growing issue is moving towards and more technologically sound learning environment. This presentation addresses some of the current issues and solutions in digital inequality.

(Because I used my iMac to create this, the formatting did not stay, so as you can see, the audio icon is showing up.)

This assignment utilizes AECT standard 3.2 “Diffusion of Innovations.” I addressed issues with the digital divide and talked about planned strategies that everyone could adopt to try and lessen the gap of digital inequality.


2 thoughts on “Digital Inequality

  1. I am a huge supporter of anytime, anywhere education to foster life-long learning. Also, teachers do need to more information and training on how to make learning applicable to the students’ life outside of the classroom.
    One last thing, I also created mine on a mac. Could not use AuthorStream to convert so I made a movie using PowerPoint and am uploading it now to YouTube. I hope it works!

  2. Emily,
    Your presentation has many valid points but the one that really hit home was to teach the teachers. Schools can purchase all the technology in the world but what good will it do if the teachers are unable to properly implement its usage. I also appreciated your comments about using technology appropriately. This will have to start early and be universal if all students are to be on the same level. Outstanding presentation, very well done!


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