Copyright Scavenger Hunt


For this assignment, we were required to choose a topic within the copyright and fair use domain and create an online scavenger hunt for students to complete.  I chose to do my assignment on the basics of copyright. I wanted to have my students understand the basic, necessary information when using media and information for their own assignments.

This page was complete with a YouTube video to get the basic understanding of this subject, questions to answer using external links to the Web while filling out a worksheet, and an answer page to check their knowledge. There would be substantial information learned by students after completing the worksheet. The topics covered includes the definition and use of Public Domain works, criminal liability for copyright infringement, how to obtain a copyright on personal works, the legality of music downloading software and file sharing, and some history on copyright in the United States and the rest of the world.

Here is the link to my Copyright Scavenger Hunt page.

This assignment utilizes AECT standard 3.4 “Policies and Regulations”, more specifically 3.4.3 “Identify and apply copyright and fair use guidelines within practice.”