Research in Educational Technology

This assignment proved to be quite difficult. Homeschooling with the use of modern technology is a fairly new addition to this particular realm of education. Originally, I was hoping to gain knowledge on homeschooling communities who were currently using technology for math and science. However, this was not easy to obtain, so I changed my focus on technology in elementary education math and science classrooms. This provided me with a lot of good information that I could still use in my home classroom.

It is critical to stay abreast of new developments in educational technology because it provides the latest and greatest ways of educating our youth. New technology can be challenging at first, but extremely beneficial in the long run. These articles proved that using technology in the classroom, especially with math and science, allows for the students to be involved and gives them a hands-on approach to their learning. This is crucial in their desire to learn specific subjects, which aids in their comprehension. The ideas presented in these articles will greatly improve the creation of my curriculum for my homeschooled students.

Here is my annotated bibliography in PDF format.

This assignment utilizes AECT standard 2.1 “Print Technologies” because it allowed us to research articles that can provide us with a foundation for the development and utilization of other instructional materials, such as technology like web-browsing and computers in the classroom.


4 thoughts on “Research in Educational Technology

  1. Yes, this assignment can be challenging! However, it looks like you thought about what was important to you and what would be good for you to research. Home-schooling is becoming more and more popular (and accepted!) and using technology can help these students communicate to a much larger audience. Great research and perfect APA, too!

    • Thank you so much! I am really looking forward to this homeschooling journey. I am grateful for the assignments that allow me to explore this field!

      • Yes and please let me know at anytime if you’d like an assignment adjusted to better meet your needs. I homeschooled one of my children for a couple of years in middile school, and she really enjoyed the time away from the regular school schedule. Keep me updated!

  2. Emily, this was very interesting for me to read. I homeschooled my twins until middle school and there really wasn’t nearly as much wonderful online content as there is today. Luckily my community had a lot of great science resources in it for free (spectacular childrne’s museum) but I look at what is available now and am envious. I like the many ways you looked at diffferent technologies being used. Good job.

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