Web Accessibility

web accessibility word cloud

In this Web Accessibility assignment we created a web page that was accessible to people with disabilities. The page was tested for accessibility through WAVE (web accessibility evaluation tool) as well as informative for the web developer.

I created a web page for adult learners who wanted to learn about creating an accessible site for the elderly. It included tips and resources for information on items such as font color, font size, links, readability, etc. My web page also provided links to products for the elderly who wanted to make their Internet usage easier and more effective.

Again, this assignment was created in Dreamweaver and written by me using HTML code and CSS styling. Here is a link to my accessibility page.

This assignment used AECT standard 1.3 “Instructional Strategies” because I chose instructional strategies that would interact effectively in a lesson on creating a web page accessible to people with all kinds of disabilities, specifically the elderly.