Netiquette page

This week we had to create a netiquette page for EdTech 502. We, again, had to create a webpage on the edtech server that validated properly with HTML5 and CSS. This week we learned a new way of making a webpage visually appealing. We had to create a callout box, which is a floating element on a webpage that draws attention to main points or quotes. We also got more practice attempting to master html and css.

This page that I created outlined netiquette for undergraduate and graduate students who primarily use the Internet as a way of communicating. I created my own rules of etiquette for the “net” and defined a learner description.

This assignment uses AECT standard 2.4 “Integrated Technology”  because it introduced us to very  simple elements that create interactivity and graphics that aid in learning (i.e. the callout box).

Here is the link to the page.