Creating My Learning Log

Creating a learning log is the first major assignment for EdTech 501 and 513. I am taking EdTech 501, 502, and 513 concurrently this semester so I can see that these assignments may over lap like they did this week. This is a great way to document my journey through my M.E.T. and set myself up for a successful portfolio. I use other blog sites, Weebly and Blogger, for my personal use but this is my first time using WordPress. I like that it is fairly user friendly and that I can customize the majority of my site. I will probably change the layout multiple times throughout this program, but for now I like how it is set up.

This assignment uses AECT standard 2.3 “Computer-Based Technologies” because it allows me to show my competency in producing microprocessor-based resources.  This is one of my first assignments for creating a form of electronic communication.