First Ideas

This is my first post in my learning log.  I imagine it will eventually become my portfolio, which is exciting to think about. I have never used WordPress, but have used various other blog sites and I love blogging. I really like the idea of tracking my journey, my added knowledge, and my new ideas. I am using this class to boost my knowledge about integrating technology into the classroom and learning new ways to be an effective online teacher. I believe that online education is soon to be the new normal. I am attempting to get ahead of the curve here. Hopefully I can secure a job that I will enjoy and be able to do anywhere in the country since I am married to a naval aviator. I also hope to be able to use this blog as documentation for my thoughts, decisions, and ideas for creating an online homeschooling world for my kids. This promises to be a challenging, yet very rewarding journey and I am thrilled to be embarking on it!